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What You Can Expect

I work collaboratively with clients co-creating a safe, intimate, non-judgemental space where we can explore troublesome issues and develop new ways of being that promote healing and positive change. I am always transparent with my process when it is possible and I include the client throughout therapy, as they are the experts of their own lives. I offer clinical experience and training which can generate new insights and skills to help a client achieve their goals. 


Confidentiality is a core part of therapy and is essential to forming trust and a positive working relationship. Exceptions to confidentiality include: if you present as a danger to yourself or others, if you disclose any elder, child, or dependent adult abuse, if there is an emergency medical situation, and some legal proceedings. Otherwise, I maintain your privacy and documentation using current Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) standards. 

Once you contact me for a free phone consultation we will arrange a time to speak. If we determine there is a good match and agree on a fee or I verify your insurance, then we will arrange a time for our first meeting at my office or via my secure telehealth platform. I offer some sliding scale slots for those in need, please contact me for more information to see if you qualify. 


Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes for individuals, and 80 minutes for couples and families. If working with a couple or a family I may see an individual member of the couple or family in a given week depending on your needs. I typically arrange sessions on a weekly basis during the same time slot. I require 48 hour notice for cancellations. 


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